Change is inevitable, it is just a matter of what change is going to occur. You have the power to make those changes within yourself through a process of experiencing and understanding who you really are and creating a greater sense of personal satisfaction.

WELCOME! I am so delighted you are visiting my website. My hope is, as you navigate through these pages, you will find helpful information as well as inspiration to move forward with change, to achieve a complete transformation of your life, which will enable you to become the person you have always wanted to be. Prepare to empower yourself, take control of your life, and optimize your perspective so the unique and extraordinary person that is within you, can emerge.


By understanding your spirit, soul and body, you will prepare and equip yourself with necessary tools that will permit you to grow and develop the necessary strength to find solutions and opportunities in life’s challenges placed before you.

As I have moved from a licensed mental health therapist, toward a life coach/consultant, my philosophy has made some changes. Instead of working from a baseline of negatives and what is wrong, I now work from a baseline of positive to see what is right and what is working and build upon those strengths. We do not ignore negatives or weaknesses, we acknowledge them, and find away to use them toward our goals. Our view of life’s journey, and a our view of life’s past, has a profound impact on how we facilitate toward any and all goals. How badly do you want to have the life you deserve for you and your family? How do you get there? How do you maintain your goals once you have reached them?

Coaching comes from a strength-based approach. Solution focused, and finding the inner confidence to move forward, is the objective.

Change is a matter of choice, not a matter of ability.


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